Sept 16 – Babies

with Amy Matthews

Price: Free
Time: 2pm – 3pm

The Breathing Project
15 W. 26th St (10th floor)
New York City

Registration required:
If you’re bringing a baby, please email spiralamy@breathingproject.org to let us know you’re coming.
Please register at this link.
Maximum number: 15

About The Event:
In their first years of life, babies learn to negotiate gravity and locomote by finding midline, rolling over, sitting up, crawling and eventually walking. These sessions are an opportunity to explore the reflexes, movement patterns and pathways for sensory and motor development that help babies learn to move successfully. These learning experiences are the building blocks for self-awareness, effective movement strategies and integrated relationships.

Come learn to see and appreciate what babies are already doing. Babies are learning new skills all the time and the progression of little steps is as important as getting to the big landmarks of sitting, crawling and walking. Learn how to help your baby develop the skills to get into and out of different levels and positions so they can start negotiating the world on their own terms.

In this group setting, you can share your questions and curiosities about your baby’s movement and learn how to observe and support helpful movement patterns. Our approach is based on principles from Body-Mind Centering®, including “baby ball,” balancing extension with flexion, the value of “small falls”, and prioritizing the process of learning rather than achieving a particular position.

Babies! is intended for babies from newborn to walking and their caregivers, as well as adults of all ages interested in observing developmental movement patterns.