Sept 19 – Yoga

Autumn Yoga: A Session dedicated to Growth & Transformation

wheelTime: 12pm – 1:30pm
Cost: Suggested Donation $15

RSVP Required:

Makara Studios
164 Montrose Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206
(347) 357-8946

About This Event:
Join me for a special yoga workshop dedicated to autumn, the season of growth, transformation and abundance. In this session we will use Mother Earth as inspiration and metaphor, going on a journey inward to discover where there is room in ourselves and our lives for change and creation. Autumn is a season that encourages balance and releasing, quiet connection to the inner workings of the mind. We will use the sacred practices of ritual, meditation and yoga to go on a journey of self discovery, lovingly examining our samskaras, the patterns and habits we are attached to, the many ways of being and thinking that can hold us back or move us forward. We will use breath, movement and meditation to visualize and conjure, more space in our lives for change and development. We are divine beings, born holy, perfect and whole, sacred spirit work takes us back to our true nature, encouraging us to be focused, balanced and compassionate in our work towards spiritual liberation. The fall season reminds us of our vibrancy, our ability to create, bloom and harvest, our ability to be a blessing to those around us. Life is a busy, moving thing, and when we allow ourselves moments of self care to re-group and re- examine, we create opportunities for evolution and deeper understandings. Come dive into the magic and essence of who you are in this unique 90minute class, give yourself the chance to feel centered and ready to embrace the oncoming change in seasons. Develop guidelines and best practices to move forward in grace and ease.

“When fall arrives at our doorstep, it serves as a reminder to soften and let go, bask in the brilliant colors of life and begin our preparation for what lies ahead” Danny Arguetty

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – anais nin
NOTES- Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a journal and items for the Mother Earth altar. Flowers, stones, leaves, seeds, any items that connect you to the Earth, your growth and your magic are welcome.

We will build an altar together while we work, play and move. Join me for this powerful journey inside of self and spirit.

Ola has been practicing yoga since 2001 when she was pregnant specifically as a way to prepare her mind & body for birthing. She felt a shift in her consciousness take place that very first day and remains so grateful for that moment in time. Ola sees yoga as a sacred gift to the world that can not only strengthen and tone the body but can also encourage and inspire a sense of peace, compassion & self love. She is thrilled to be in a in a position to be able to share this divine blessing with the world whether its de-stress yoga for at risk teens, new moon yoga for women artists, or restorative poses for emotional & physical healing. She finds joy in taking all spirits that are willing to that place she likes to call post hatha bliss. Where the mind, spirit and body intersect in perfect harmony all through self guided mindful movements syncing breath and movement.

This 90 minute session will include:
altar building
pranayama (breathing exercises)
movement and asana
tea and refreshments